How to turn ON/OFF LG Smart TV using the App (WebOS)

To be able to turn ON the LG smart TV, you will first need to identify your tv model. This feature only works with 2016-2020 models with the option "Mobile TV ON".

If you own a recent and compatible LG TV (WebOS models 2016 and later) you can use the app to turn on your TV.

Make sure the function Mobile TV On is enabled on the TV settings by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Mobile TV On (Enable other devices and apps to turn on your TV.)


   4. Enable Wifi option if not enabled by default (see tvshot below) 



To summarize the steps:

  • You will need to be connected to the same Wifi as your TV
  • Have Mobile TV On present and enabled

Once done just open the app (Remote Control Smart TV for LG) turn off and On the TV

If you have the option and still can't turn on the TV please contact our support and we will assist you. 


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  • I have enabled the Mobile ON option on the my TV, and am connected on the same Wi-Fi as is my mobile device, however, the moment the TV is turned off, I no longer can turn it on with the mobile device as it doesn't find it in the network.

    Is there some other setting that I need to look into?


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  • I have option Mobile TV On. I clicked "On" but there are no options like you shared the second screenshot (i.e turn on via WiFi etc.)

    I can see Mac Address Wireless as well but unable to turn on the TV via mobile. Please help

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  • Ive the same problem. I cannot turn on the tv and connected to same wifi network and mobile on in tv setting, is on etc etc. When tv is on, the app finds the tv fine, but when turned off, loses the connection wnd cannot find it. Even tried via ethernet cable, with no luck. Either a recent update to tv firmware or app update has stopped this function from working

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  • Also have this problem

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  • Any luck? Anyone? Cant turn on my lg OLED E7P with the webOS tv app due to it not having a "ON" button, but there is on off button, I don't get it?

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