Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV (Tizen OS)

We're thrilled to announce our latest update for the Remote mobile application (iOS, Apple Watch, macOS, and Android) dedicated to controlling your Samsung Smart TV.







Control your Samsung Smart TV using your iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch. Enjoy using advanced features such as adding Multiple TVs, a List of apps, Siri Shortcuts, Power ON/OFF.








Getting lazy looking for the remote control hiding somewhere in the house. We have the solution Remote TV Controller allows you to remotely control your Samsung TV set using your iPhone/iPad or simply using your brand new Apple Watch.
The app has been crafted and designed with most ergonomic elements and is the first app that helps you control your TV simply using your Apple Watch
The app supports all the Smart TVs since 2015 including the latest N Series (2018).
The main features are:
[+] Compatibility with the majority of Smart TVs
[+] Turn ON and OFF the TV
[+] Change channels.
[+] Increase or decrease the volume (also using the iPhone side buttons and the crown on the Apple Watch)
[+] Mute the sound (silent mode)
[+] Change the source (HDMI, PC, AV ... etc.)
[+] Access the Smart TV area
[+] Access the 4 favorite buttons
[+] Enter channel numbers using the numeric keypad
[+] Quickly launch Netflix and other apps
[+] Siri Shortcuts to quickly interact with your TV using only your voice

The app works with the following TV models:

- Samsung Smart TV Series C (2010)
- Samsung Smart TV Series D (2011)
- Samsung Smart TV Series E (2012)
- Samsung Smart TV Series F (2013)
- Samsung Smart TV Series K (2016)
- Samsung Smart TV Series Q, M (2017)
- Samsung Smart TV Series N (2018)
- Samsung Smart TV Series RU (2019)

The app will also work fine with the latest generation coming soon in 2020 called Samsung bezel-less QLED TVs (Zero Bezel). 

We have integrated the most useful command that we usually use in everyday life.
More command will be added in future releases.
Please leave us a review if you like the app and your feedback is welcome.
This app is not an official Samsung application. We are not affiliated with Samsung Electronics in any way.
Link to Download the app:
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