The prayer times displayed doesn't correspond to those of my nearby mosque

The Athan Pro application automatically adjusts prayer times according to the ones used by the largest mosques and Islamic ministries in each country.

If you find that the prayer times displayed on the Athan Pro application differ from the ones used by your mosque, you should check the following:

1. In the application settings, check that the "Auto Detection" option is enabled to detect your country, as well as your city.

Once the country and city are detected, the application automatically selects the correct calculation method.




We have found that some mosques, mainly in France, use different methods of calculation (UOIF with angle 12 °, angle 15 ° or angle 18 °), for this reason we give you the option to modify the calculation method manually.




2. If you notice that the difference is of the order of a few minutes, you must perform a manual correction from the app settings -> Show more -> Manual Correction




You can add "+" or subtract "-" minutes to each prayer to correct the prayer times.





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