The notification for the Athan doesn't fire

If you find that the notification for the Athan does not fire during prayer times, check the following settings step by step:

1. In the settings of your iPhone / iPad -> Notifications -> Athan Pro, make sure that all options are enabled and that the icon displaying "Banners" can be selected.



2. It is also necessary that the icon in the form of a bell, in front of each prayer is activated.



3. In the app settings  -> Notifications sounds, make sure that you have selected an azan for each prayer, by clicking on the sound of the desired Athan.



4. You can also do a notification test by going in the app settings  -> Test notification and location and then click on the "Test" button.




Apple does not allow ringtones if your iPhone/iPad is on one of the following modes:

- Quiet or vibrating mode

- Do not Disturb Mode

- Power saving mode




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